is a friendly fashion Brand established in 2021, we believe in a society that encourages freedom of expression as well as the ability to be uniquely individual, and to stand out as yourself amongst others with a piece made only for you. Elhafiane Brand is a culture that provides quality service, an honest connection and empowerment to all by creating confidence in the individuals wearing our creations.
The brand offers a unique art with an inspiration of love, in- teractive experience in which the client plays a role in the design process by collaborating with the designer

All of our handmade costumes are one of a kind, created with love and are limited edition. Every piece in our collection is made by Rochdi Elhafiane who uses different senses and glimpses around him in his wonderful country of Morocco as inspirations for each piece he designs. Weaving a story and art form into every single garment designed and created in this brand.